Complaints & Appeals

Complaints & Appeals

GreenCert has an appeals-handling process to enable its clients to appeal against the decision which does not result into acceptable resolution or where the proposed procedure is unacceptable to the appellant or other parties involved.

This appeals-handling process provides for an independent and impartial appeal process. Any client can submit an appeal against the decisions taken by GreenCert.

The appeal is only received through written application or email.

GreenCert does not take any discriminatory actions against the appellant for submitting the appeal.

The decision regarding the appeals is reviewed, approved and communicated by Quality Manager to the appellant and also he/she is not previously involved in the subject of the appeal.

Client, if not satisfied with our services/ certification protocol/ any misbehaviour or miscommunication by staff, can complain via email.. This information will be kept confidential for the action to be taken.

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